• Lúcia Cardoso

Mind Detox

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

We are all so tired this year, weary from everything and feeling serious pressure to still make it count, to be productive, to lose the extra weight and return to an almost normal routine as soon as possible.

Our minds are in constant turmoil, even when we sleep, and we wake up tired, and many times, feeling deflated at the thought of another work week.

Taking the mental focus out of work and tasks yet to be done may seem hard, and even bring feelings of guilt or fear of not accomplishing enough, but letting a calming activity take over your body will prove effective to the mind, helping it be more still.

Contemplation in Nature: Just relaxing at the beach, looking at the ocean, taking all the sunlight and sea breeze in, will allow not only the body but the mind to relax and let go of constant thinking.

Get closer to Nature: Gardening and feeling the soil, the plants and their cycles ill help you put things in perspective and respect your own cycles as well.

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